Boxing Banners and Covers

Section 1 - Vinagrip Canvas Covers & Large Banners

All large format prints are designed to be viewed from a distance and so misalignment and print faults are not normally visible. When we produce a large canvas or grappling area we first produce a series of printed tiles that are then sewn or heat wealed together to create the completed item. Over a long print run the tiles can vary in length by a small percentage resulting in misalignment of print when the canvas us assembled. 

If you examine the image, it shows the canvas close up revealing misalignment - in the other image viewed from a distance the misalignment is no longer as noticeable. When we heat weld a vinyl grappling canvas, print near to the edge can be effected and small slubs can sometimes occur. The overall appearance when finished is still extremely effective and not usually noticeable when viewed from the correct distance. Our grappling canvas is not glass smooth, it has a raised nap and small bobbling to help provide a grippy surface. 

All of this is normal, safe and doesnt alter performance.

Supatex Boxing Canvas

Section 2 - Printed Supatex Canvas - General Gym Use Canvas 

Supatex Canvas is a ployester canvas weave over a PVC backing. This makes the canvas durable, waterpoof and unlike traditional canvas it will not rot.

When we print onto supatex, the ployester fibres absorb the print ink and so we cannot achieve vibrant colours.  If you examine the image, you can see the contrast between the black and red print on the skirts and the black and red print on the canvas. 

The canvas still looks very attractive and effective.

Ideal canvas for Boxing / Thai Boxing / Gym use where a "traditional feel" canvas is required. 

Printed Vinagrip Boxing Canvas    Section 3 - Printed Vinagrip Canvas - General Gym Use Canvas 

Vinagrip canvas is a heavy duty PVC canvas, it is hardwearing and is ideal for use in busy gyms of all types. It's popularity is growing with our customer base and it is widely used in Boxing Gyms, Thai Boxing Gyms and MMA gyms. One of its most beneficial features is that it can be hot mopped and sanitised after every session meaning blood, sweat, vomit are all easy to remove leaving the canvas clean and sanitised for the next session.

Vinagrip canvas prints are normally very effective. 

Toughtex Boxing Ring CanvasSection 4 - Printed Toughtex Canvas - Short Series Championship Canvas 

Toughtex canvas is a polyester non rot canvas weave that has been specially coated to ensure the pink ink is not absorbed by the polyester fibres. It produces stunning vibrant colours and high resolution image reproduction. Once printed, the canvas is coated with a varnish to ensure the print is more durable resulting in a slight sheen. The varnish enables you to mop spills between bouts to ensure that it remains attractuve throughout the show and gives any sponsors the representation that they deserve. Because of the nature of this product, it is ont suited to long term use in a busy gym. This canvas is intended for use for one off events and a small number of series events only.


Conditions experienced when printing onto canvas differ greatly from normal media print. As such, it is almost impossible to reproduce specific brand colours using a hex chart or similar. If close matching of brand colours is required, then the Toughtex canvas will reproduce a fairly accurate printed representation.