We are able to manufacture any combat gym equipment in our workshop. Boxing bag trees, speedball platforms and boxing bag frames can all be manufactured to your requirements, with custom print. For custom orders please call us on 01706 859121 or email
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  1. Cornerman Bag Frame Cornerman Bag Frame

    Cornerman Bag Frame

    Do not confuse our cornerman bag frame with other lightweight imported offerings, our frame is more industrial than aesthetic, it concentrates on being robust and durable and not on looking pretty. It is designed to sit tight into a corner so that it takes up little room space. It can be used in the middle of the room and spigots are provided on the outrunner legs to attach weights to for ballast. This is a no nonsense heavy duty bag frame for home or gym use. It is not your usual flimsy wafer thin steel box section. The CORNERMAN is designed to fit under a normal ceiling so the bag attachment height is around 210cm ( we can make this taller or shorter to suit your ceiling ) and the base occupies around 130cm x 130cm.
  2. Protec Bag Tree

    Protec Bag Tree

    Boxing bag trees from Protec are ideal for holding multiple different punch bags for simultaneous use – during a training programme etc, in which there is more that one person practicing in your establishment. Whilst the standard weight of a bag tree holds 4 bags, we are able to adapt them to hold 2-3-4 or even six bags depending on your preference and budgets constraints. The frame of the boxing bag tree usually stands on the floor to the end of each leg which ensures its security and due to the wear and tear that the strict will be subject to over several years. MAINFRAME is manufactured from heavy duty 80mm x 80mm x 5mm box section steel – This is NOT a flimsy frame, it will hold the heaviest of bags and provide years of service.
  3. Ult Pro Speedball Platform Ult Pro Speedball Platform

    Ult Pro Speedball Platform

    A totally top class piece of gym equipment. The chasis is manufactured from steel for solid durable construction. The height adjustment is by way of 4 knurled and threaded adjusters that are machined from a single billet of solid steel – no plastic adjusters here. A crucial part of any speedball station is the rebound board, if it is thin and flimsy it will vibrate too much and absorb the energy of the ball slowing it down and making it difficult to use. Our board is a 1 piece solid wooden rebound board and is almost 2″ thick – compare that with other speedball stations on offer… The recommended swivel for the board – is the ULTIPRO speedball swivel, it features 2 – not 1 – roller bearings ensuring smooth fast action in all plains of movement. If ordered with the board we will fit it for you before the station is despatched.
  4. Aerosol Adhesive

    Aerosol Adhesive

    This heavy duty spray adhesive is simple neat and very effective. Just point and spray. Especially useful for bonding our wall wrap foam to sealed walls or timber boards in preparation to cover with wrap. Price is for of 4 x 500ml cans. Approximately enough to bond enough foam for around 20ft of combat wall at 6ft height dependent on use and absorbency of surface
  5. Bar Bracket

    Bar Bracket

    Solid robust box section steel. One piece brackets. All joints are welded and so unlike flat pack brackets they will not suffer from bolts becoming loose in use. Just fit forget and bang away at your bag.
  6. Bag Frames Bag Frames

    Bag Frames

    We design manufacture and supply bag frames to suit your application. From Simple freestanding A frames to suspended track frames enabling you to roll bags out into an area when required and stored when not. A Bag frame can incorporate cross training elements such as ladder hangs and pull up bars etc and all our frames feature moveable bag hanging points so that you can space your bags exactly as you want them. All our frames are supplied with easily replaceable bag hangers so that they can be replaced if wear and tear takes its toll. WE SUPPLY • A frames any size. Simple frame can be manufactured at almost any size. Freestanding • Suspended hanger rail – utilises the I-Beams already in place in your building. • Wall attached – Main support element is anchored to a suitable supporting wall – can be supplied so that no legs are protruding into the training area. • Freestanding modular system – This series of bag frames incorporates bags and cross fit stations into one frame, it can be expanded at a later date and is virtually limitless. The images illustrate examples of bag frames we have supplied
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