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Do not confuse our cornerman bag frame with other lightweight imported offerings, our frame is more industrial than aesthetic, it concentrates on being robust and durable and not on looking pretty. It is designed to sit tight into a corner so that it takes up little room space. It can be used in the middle of the room and spigots are provided on the outrunner legs to attach weights to for ballast. This is a no nonsense heavy duty bag frame for home or gym use. It is not your usual flimsy wafer thin steel box section.
The CORNERMAN is designed to fit under a normal ceiling so the bag attachment height is around 210cm ( we can make this taller or shorter to suit your ceiling ) and the base occupies around 130cm x 130cm.



  • Height Approx 210cm
  • Base Approx 130cm x 130cm
  • Heavy Duty Bag Frame


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